Pattern (PCRE)ReportScore
(Errors during downloading metadata .*):\150
.* child_info_fork::abort: .*([^\\]+): Loaded to different address: .*Cygwin fork error (\1)50
No compiler matching '(.+)' foundCompiler \1 not found50
OCaml version mismatch: .*\050
The sources of the following couldn't be obtained, aborting:[\n][^-]*- (.+)Source download failed for \150
You have reached your pull rate limitDocker Hub limit reached50
[Bb]uild cancelledDocker went wrong (says "\0")50
[Nn]o space left on device\050
curl: .* Empty reply from server\050
dial tcp:.*registry.*connection refused.*Docker hub failed50
error during connect: .* (connect to host .*)\140
unexpected EOFDocker failed (\0)40
: error: (.+)\135
Could not resolve host: .*\030
The command '(.+)' returned a non-zero codeCommand \1 failed30
cannot make segment writable for relocationgrsecurity? (\0)30
failed to mount blobDocker hub failed (\0)30
read-only file system\030
Cannot connect to the Docker daemon\020
Error response from daemon: .*\020
No rule to make target .*\020
docker-push failed\020

In patterns, use () for match groups, ?+* to match zero-or-one times, one-or-more times, or zero-or-more times, and [\n] to match newlines.

CSV files use the header pattern,report,score.

New rules with existing pattern override previous definition.